How To Play Zombie Escape

Zombie Escape is simple, Humans need to win the round without getting infected by Zombies!

In this guide, we will show you exactly how you can play Zombie Escape on CSGO. We have also tried to keep it free of fluff to make it easier for new players!

There is no better way to learn how to play ZE (Zombie Escape) than to get into the action first.

How Can I Join The GhostCap Zombie Escape Server?

Joining our server is simple and all the files you need are downloaded when you first connect (don't worry, nothing related to CSGO is overwritten so you can still play any other mode you want).

Simply follow the video above to get connected.

If you're more of a reader, we also have a visual guide on how to join custom CSGO servers here.

What Are The Modes In Zombie Escape?

There are 2 main "modes" when it comes to zombie servers. These are determined by the name of the map. One will start with zm_ and another with ze_.

The main things to know that are the same in both modes are:

  • Humans die in one hit with a knife
  • Players are chosen at random to be infected when the round starts
  • You can shoot through you teammates

Here are the other differences between ZE and ZM.

Zombie Mode (ZM Map)

In Zombie Mode, players are trying to survive by hiding and teaming up with other players until the round ends.

Players commonly called it “hide and seek” mode.

You need to be careful of who you team up with as when the first humans are infected, they will turn into a zombie in the spot they are standing.

These maps have plenty of secrets for you to explore and offer more relaxed gameplay compared to Zombie Escape.

Zombie Escape (ZE Map)

The most popular zombie mode is Zombie Escape. This is where you need to finish objectives and "escape" the map.

Unlike Zombie Mode, when the first humans are infected, they are teleported back to the spawn area which means it is safe to team up with any and all humans.

ZE maps have their own concepts and quality. These are labeled as Chill Maps and Hard Maps. The following concepts of the map are explained below:

Chill Maps

Players have their own opinion on how they define what is a chill map. When someone says it's a chill map, they mean it's only for fun or a simple defense map.

Chill maps are often described as run-all-the-way maps, door hug maps, surf maps, or entertainment maps (maps with mini-games).

Hard Maps

Hard maps generally mean this kind of ZE map requires teamwork to survive the map. Usually, on maps like this, it needs a leader to guide the team and lead the way to reach the goal of the map.

Hard maps refer to those maps that need a hard defense or maps composed of items for humans and
zombies (Elemental items or other magical items).

For humans, elemental items or other magical items are secondary weapons that commonly be found somewhere on the map. These items normally look like dual elites and you can pick them up with your use key (e).

These items normally have an area-of-effect (AOE), a distance of effect, or a duration of effect after being used.

The following human item effects are explained below:

  • Wind – Pushes off the zombies
  • Fire – Slow down and damage or hurt the zombies by burning
  • Water – Slow down or stuck the zombies
  • Ice – Freezes the zombies
  • Earth – Stuck the zombies or block the way of zombies
  • Thunder – Slow down and damage the zombies with electricity or lightning
  • Gravity – Vacuum or magnets the zombies in one (1) place
  • Heal – Generates HP or life for humans
  • Ammo – Generates infinite ammo
  • Ultima – Instantly kill the zombies within its immense AOE (Effect will be at 10 or 12 secs count-down timer after being activated)


Earth Item can also block and stuck humans so users must be cautious

Ultima is one-time use only. Use it as per the leader’s instruction or command

Some elemental and magical items are not on the list due to their availability only on a certain map

Meanwhile, for the zombie items, there will be a knife placed somewhere on the map and these zombie items also have their own reaction and duration of effect if used on humans. Zombie items are commonly composed of ZM Nuke, ZM Heal, ZM Gravity, ZM Ice, ZM Speed, and ZM Invisibility (Availability of items depends on the map). The following ZM item effects after activation will explain below: Elemental and magical items (Explanation based on usual effects of items after being used on humans):

  • ZM Nuke – Kill humans within its user’s AOE
  • ZM Heal – Generates HP or life for zombies within its user’s AOE
  • ZM Gravity – Vacuum or Magnet the humans within its user’s AOE
  • ZM Ice – Slow down or damage the human within its user’s AOE
  • ZM Speed – Increase the movement speed of users or zombies within its AOE
  • ZM Invisibility – Make the user invisible or camouflage for a short period of


Some elemental and magical items are not explained due to their availability only on a certain map

How To Play Hard Maps?

The key to survive and win every hard map is the cooperation and teamwork of each other
so everyone will be covered and safe. When playing on hard defense maps, it is “extremely
important” to listen to the leader of the map especially when playing on hard maps with items.
The leader will always guide the way and tell the team what to do. Elemental and magical items
must be used only “as per leader’s instruction or command without delay”.
Always remember, if you’re a new player and you don’t know the map, just keep calm,
listen carefully and follow the leader’s command. Here some of the guidelines and tips you need
to keep it in your mind when playing on ZE maps: